What does it mean to be a proactive accountant?

We can’t tell you the number of times we’ve had clients ask us, what do you mean by proactive? And, it can be a little difficult to put a finger on what it is. So, with this post, we aim to shed a little more light.

Firstly, we aim to maintain a consistent presence on social media where we post, share and update the sites with important and relevant information. This is because we are aware that we live in a digital age where national entities such as HMRC, Companies House and the Government all have an active presence. Essentially, if they’re giving us the information then making sure to share that information is the least that we can do. We also create newsletters that go out monthly, quarterly and annually by email. These newsletters contain up-to-date news and information about the accounting and financial sector. As a great person once said, knowledge is power so if you aren’t subscribed to our newsletter, sign up on our website.

Secondly, we work to keep our clients informed about the latest changes to financial regulations and compliance before they are implemented, making the changes as stress free as possible. Again, we aim to do this through our social media and through our newsletter, but we may also provide direct information through email or calls.

For example, you may have noticed the Making Tax Digital scheme being promoted in the news or online. In the next month ChadStone will ensure that all our clients are made fully aware of what the Making Tax Digital scheme is and how it may impact on them. We are going to do this in a variety of ways through traditional email methods and through recorded FAQ videos. Watch out for the updates on social media and our website, which can be found at

Lastly, we will always work to make you as tax efficient as possible. We do this by listening carefully to understand how it is your business works. If we can see an area of unexplored tax relief that we think is relevant to you, we will point that out. We will advise you on business structure and planning so that you can create a streamlined tax efficient entity.

What we can’t do is tell you it’s okay to claim VAT back against a new Ferrari or the holiday to Barbados, sorry!

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